Two days of updates!

15th December 2008:

Magocracy draft 2 wordcount for 15th December 2008

So yeah, I forgot to take pictures before closing the window the first time, and so lost my session progress. It was at a thousand words when I finished, though: look I have proof and everything!

Magocracy word count for 15-12-08, image 2

That’s from a fresh chapter.

Unfortunately I forgot to make the blog post when I got home. But here’s a fresh one, up to date from this morning:

Magocracy word count for 16-12-08

Except this time Scrivener actually crashed on me halfway through – I think it may be something to do with using the ‘Append selection to document’ command and then trying to expand binder items while the command’s still running. Oh well, thanks to Scivener’s handy-dandy autosave I only lost the appended text, not the original stuff I had written.

Anyway, I’d written about three hundred words and thirty before the crash, and I’ve edited the session target to account for this. It’s still not a great result though – about 600 words probably all told, which is well below my normal requirement. My daily wordcounts have been going down quite markedly of late, as has my self discipline – I think it has something to do with starting a project, especially since it’s a second draft, so I’m rewriting a lot of stuff I’ve already written (though with enough changes to warrant a rewrite instead of a straight copy-paste). Oh well.

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