So I haven’t been blogging because I had to do a degree, but now that’s finished so I can get back to something akin to regular bloggerizing. Hooray!

After completing the first draft of March of the Titans, I promptly renamed it to Rise of the Titans or possibly Titanomachy, depending on whichever suits me better – mainly because of a white history book of the same name that I wish to avoid confusion with. I can assure you this novel will have almost nothing to do with racial homogeneity.

So how’s the second draft going? I’m glad you asked.


Nearly finished now, running up to the final chapter. Also planning to write a novella I plan to give away to help promote it – it’ll feature most of the same characters, except younger and in a totally different setting.

There is now a daily flash fiction blook available – more info and a buy link here.

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