In which I don’t talk about the iPhone

Nope. I’m gonna restrain myself. Really.

Oh, alright then, y’twisted my arm: it looks pretty cool. Very swooshy, lots of OS X style visual feedback, stuff whizzing in and out, and the accelerometer is cool too, with the switching to landscape and the video playback features and whatnot. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s all a touch screen – if I’m at a chip shop or something and my phone rings, suddenly I have a screen covered with grease and fingerprints. Even if I wipe it first.

I like touch screens, don’t get me wrong, and I’m always fascinated by interface design, but I wonder about the practicalities of Apple’s no stylus approach. I wonder if some third party will release a special Apple stylus for sticky/sweaty fingered gentlemen such as myself.

Apple TV seems neat. There are loads of devices that do the same thing already, of course, but then there were loads of mp3 players before the iPod, and there are loads of phones now. Really it’s Apple’s execution that allows it to win out so well and so often. I’m disappointed that it doesn’t support DivX though.

Shame there was no Leopard info. I’m getting both nervous and excited about that, seeing as how Apple haven’t yet shown all their cards. Hmmm…

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