I have been writing! Honest!

Okay, so in the chaos surrounding christmas and the holiday season I forgot to update the blog, but I did write. I kept meaning to post a humungous, multi-week update, but the thing about humungous, multi-week updates is they are not motivating things to think about. So I’ll just post my Scrivener targets window from the 4th.

Magocracy 2nd draft targets: 1,952 of 2,500 words session target; 25,189 of 100,000 words draft target

Not bad, nearly a full 2k. Unfortunately that was yesterday – so far today I’ve done nothing. Might do some tonight, but I’ve been trying to get away from late night writing, and I find it upsets my sleep patterns. Can’t write before ten pm for some reason, and after staring at a backlit screen I tend to end up sleeping poorly, and then not getting up early enough to write the next morning, and so it continues. Which is frustrating, because I find my early morning writing is my best.

So I’ll probably end up taking a day off today, something I normally discourage myself from doing. Hopefully the motivation to get up and do some writing will return tomorrow, as I’ve an interesting chapter coming up.

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