The Quicksilver Cube interface

I was never entirely happy with the default Quicksilver interface, Primer


There’s nothing really wrong with it, per se – in fact it’s excellent for people new to QS, what with the little bit of text at the bottom and the full item path. But I’m a visual thinker, and I often use Quicksilver for dropping files onto applications / droplets, for which I need a big target.

So I moved on to Bezel


Now, Bezel’s much nicer – simple, clean, it’s got that cool transparency effect on it, and big – BIG – icon boxes for dropping things onto. So I was set. Except for one thing.

When you have to open a third pane, say if you’re appending text, it expands. And worse, because it’s centred, the first pane moves right over to the left. This can be an irritant, especially if you’ve got Append to text near the top of you command list like I have (I use it a lot).

And then I found the wonderful cube.

Most cubes are wonderful, in fact – Apple cubes, apple stores that are cube shaped, Gamecubes… but I digress. The important thing is, cube has the large drop areas AND it has the cool swooshy cube effect when you move to other panes, not unlike fast-user switching in OS X. And it has those near mini icons that let you know what’s in the other panes so you don’t get lost.

So there you have it, that’s why I love the Cube interface.

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