What are your values?

This is awesome. It’s a value test, kind of like those old things you used to get on Livejournal and still get on Myspace, except about a hojillion times more advanced. It takes about an hour and it’s quite an experience – you select a ton of different values from a list, and then it throws them up at you, matching each one to each one, and asks you to vote on which one’s the most important.

Getting a firm handle on your values, on precisely who the hell you are is incredibly important for getting into personal development – if you don’t know where you are when you start, it’s literally impossible to know how far you’ve progressed. This is also one of the reasons I feel journalling every single damn day is important, to track your progress as you move along in life.

As with most things, I’ve found a way to relate this to writing fiction. More on that over here

I found it on The Personal Development for Smart People Forums, which are also freaking awesome and I encourage you to get an account if you’re into this stuff. If you’re not, I can’t believe you’ve read this far.

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