How you sit can determine how you think

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Suite 101 has posted a short guide to how sitting posture can effect which side of the brain you will tend to use – left brain preferring rigidity and a firm setting, right brain preferring comfort – pretty interesting stuff worth bearing in mind.

Posture and Learning
– How To Engage Left and Right Brain
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2 Responses to “How you sit can determine how you think”

  1. Barb Pytel says:

    This is an interesting twist on posture. Schools in Minnesota are removing chairs and replacing them with exercise balls.

  2. Lynn says:

    It all has to do with the Ergonomics of the working area. I am a very strong believer of that.
    With that being said, that includes a person’s bmi, as well as weight and height, arm extension length, any neck/knee injuries, back (past, present/chronic).

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