Want to open lots of images in Preview? Here’s a faster way…

So at the moment it’s a bit of a hassle to open large numbers of images in preview. Lifehacker have posted a handy little app called Xee which takes a lot of the kerfuffle of browsing through folders out, but I thought it might be worth noting that Preview can actually open whole folders at a time, though it can be a tad reticent.


Normally if you drag a folder onto Preview’s dock icon, it shakes it’s head at you and refuses to highlight. In order to open the folder, you have to force it by pressing Alt-Apple. Then you’ll see the magical highlights.


One thing that can speed this up is my earlier comments on Quicksilver as a kind of pusedo-dock, quick interface for droplets. Observe:


Yes, I’ve started using Fumo. I must say I rather like it – expect to see a review soooooon…

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