Developing Strengths and Learning Who You Are

LifeDev posted this back in February but I forgot to blog about it because I Am But Human and the link kinda got lost in my Google Reader Starred category (seriously, it’s a cool feature, but a number-of-starred-items indicator would be nice).

Anyway, I mostly agree with the opinions put across in the article, and the 70/20/10 model is a useful one. This is an issue I’ve had problems with personally over the years – I’m a little obsessed with becoming a triple threat (I’m aiming at writing and programming at the moment, but haven’t decided on a third talent yet), so perhaps instead of ‘looking for new ways to maximize your abilities’ I’d go for ‘developing ancillary talents’.

Perhaps this is part and parcel of being a student – at its core, being a student isn’t about getting a piece of paper that says you know about something, but rather it’s about learning who you are and what you are.

So don’t specialize too quickly, else you’ll end up doing something you think you want to do, rather than something you actually want to do.

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