How to get free books, totally legally, honest guv

One of my favourite things to do is read. One of the cheapest ways to get books, however,isn’t Amazon or whatever – if you really want the classics on the cheap, you need look no further than Project gutenberg.

Gutenberg is named after the inventor of the printing press, and stands to be equally revolutionary. The objective is to place every public domain work online, in plain text, for free. There’s no DRM or anything on these works and you don’t have to pay a penny (nor should you have to for public domain works – technically you already own them, after all.

Reading can be a touch tricky, of course – reading on a monitor isn’t astonishingly comfortable for long periods, although I’ve used eReader extensively. I tend to use my Palm Zire for reading ebooks – it’s a little more expensive, but the money I’ve saved using a combination of it and Gutenberg more than makes up for it. And with other readers potentially on the way, things are looking up for this nice way of getting ahold of cheap entertainment.

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