Quicksilver for droplets

One of the amazing and particularly ginchy features Quicksilver has is one that I don’t often hear people talking about, and sometimes wonder if many people are aware of.

Whenever you have something selected in a quicksilver pane – application, file, whatever – you can drag it right out of that pane as though you were dragging it in the finder. So you can drag a file out of quicksilver onto an application on the dock to open it, or you can make a copy or an alias of it with keystrokes as usual.

But what’s really handy about this – perhaps even extra-super-awesome – is that you can drag things onto one of these panes as well. So if you’ve got a handy dandy droplet but it’s not in your dock, you can just call it up with Quicksilver and there it is, no faffing around necessary.

This is also handy for opening files with nonstandard applications.

So woo! Another piece of awesome from the single finest program on the mac.

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