Bookgem review

So I ordered a BookGem book holder a few months ago, and I must say I rather like it. It’s a slightly odd-sounding concept – the thing is a portable folding book stand – but it works absolutely perfectly for my purposes.

I use it to hold copy that I’m typing out – I like to write fiction longhand when I get the chance, mostly because it slows me down and forces me to re-read everything when I type it up, so it’s very handy for that. Also, I use it for reference books a lot when I’m working on an essay – I hold the book open on the required page when typing out quotes or taking notes.

I mostly don’t use it as advertised – i.e. simple recreational reading – mainly because I read up at a desk. But if you’re looking for a cheap, portable and flexible copyholder, the BookGem is well worth a look.

If you’re curious, Here’s how it works.

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