My handwriting is bad. Really bad. It’s been bad for as long as I’ve been able to do cursive, ever since elementary school. Even as an adult my penmanship has frequently been compared with Cuneiform.

Of course, with the advent of computers this shouldn’t be a problem anymore – no-one can tell how atrocious my handwriting is from an email, after all. But the problem is, no matter what situation you’re in, it’ll sometimes be necessary to communicate through pen and ink, and if you’re handwriting is so bad people sometimes think it’s Da Vinci style mirror writing, this can be a problem.

I’ve tried calligraphy and it hasn’t really worked out for me – calligraphy is, as far as I can see, more a practice of drawing letters than practical writing. I can do it reasonably well – here’s some I’ve done on my Flickr feed, but it hasn’t helped my cursive at all.

I’ve been hunting around for resources on improving my handwriting for a while now (and I still am – if anyone knows of any, let me know), but by far the most useful for me has been the article Tips for improving your handwriting by Dyas A. Lawson. Very cool, and advice on how to move from writing with the wrist and fingers to the forearm and shoulder. This never occured to me before, but it makes sense – larger muscles, aside from being more powerful and having greater endurance, are actually easier to control on a fine level.

I think I’m making progress, slowly but surely. Might keep a log up here too.

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