On Mac OS X as an idiocy filter

One of the things I like the most about OS X is that it acts as a barrier between me and my own idiocy. There is no better example of this than not twenty minutes ago, when I tried to create my own Star Wars opening scroll-y bit and failed miserably.

See, I found This link via The Unofficial Apple Weblog and immediately jumped on the idea of producing my own little bit of scroll text, possibly as an addition to my existing Automator alarm clock workflow.

Gleefully I set out putting my own text in required fields and hit the “Go” button, expecting it to generate a short movie, so I directed it to my clutter-free desktop.

What I failed to read was the bit on the linked howto that described ‘numbered stills’ and not ‘movie’.

So I wound up with nearly three thousand bitmaps on my desktop, crashing the finder. It couldn’t function, I think simply down to the sheer stupidity of what it was seeing on the desktop.

I wound up jumping into Path Finder, which once again saved my ass from my own rampant stupidity, letting me move everything to the trash successfully. The Finder is now recovering after a relaunch, still sitting there in my dock with its kind little smile… the little trooper.

So here’s what I like about this whole situation: because the Finder is a separate part of Mac OS X, I was able to carry on doing what I was doing (watching The Phone Guy, because I’m so very productive) while Path Finder was wiping my soiled behind. If this was windows I don’t know what I would have done to try and fix the situation – I’d probably resort to mounting the drive over a network and hoping.

Note: this is not a criticism of SWTSG, I’m sure it’s a great program – indeed, the bitmaps did look quite good. The website I linked to was pretty explicit that it would generate numbered frames, so the only thing at fault here is my poor reading comprehension.

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  1. FYI — the app now explicitly warns you against doing that! :) Sorry I didn’t think of it sooner.

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