Setting Smaller Goals

Ramit over at I Will Teach You To Be Rich has posted a great little article on the importance of setting small goals and avoiding burnout.

It’s really important stuff to bear in mind, and stuff that’s borne out in my own experience. When I started writing every day I set a goal deliberately that didn’t make me sweat too much (five hundred words), and then moved it up once it was comfortable.

I’m also doing this at the moment when I’m trying to Get Out Of Bed When I Don’t Actually Have To (i.e. I don’t have any work or a meeting to go to) – currently I’m out of bed every morning around 9 am, and I’m going to start moving it back to before that, around eight-thirty. It’s not an ideal time, but it’s better than lying in ’til noon like I used to (and yes I know all about Steve Pavlina’s How To Become An Early Riser and How To Get Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off, I just didn’t find they worked for me. But they might for you).

It’s all about Progressive Training, see.

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