On GTD Systems

I’ve been thinking about GTD systems a lot recently, and I’m worried I’m getting another GTD itch – where I feel a sudden and insatiable urge to change my system around. Currently I’m using the same old Hipster PDA system I’ve used for about seven or eight months on or off, but there are difficulties with it – I always feel like it’s a bit of a hassle to write stuff down in it, as to really get access to the cards I have to unclip the cards, shuffle through for the right one, and then write on it. Plus, index cards aren’t all that firm, which only serves to magnify my natural poor penmanship.

So this post over at hyalineskies seems like an awesome case of serendipity. I like moleskines as it is and I constantly use one for my inbox (as well as writing and whatnot), so this has some natural appeal. I have issues with running out of space – the thing I prefer about Hipsters is the ability to move cards around in the deck – but I might work these out with some modifications (maybe writing from the back of the book, keeping Project and S/M lists on the flipped-over side of the moleskine? Possible…).

Plus, it’s not like I use contexts all that much anyway: I’ll probably label stuff, but the vast majority of my tasks are on the computer, so that card is constantly filling up.

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