I’ve gotten more and more into Journalling for personal development lately, and it’s really neato. The kick in the behind to get me into it was this book: “The Artist’s Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self” (Julia Cameron), which is really good and which I thoroughly reccommend, it’s not just for recovering artistes – there are some interesting points about creativity in there. I don’t agree with all of them personally, but it’s good to get you a-thinkin’.

When I start Journalling shortly after I awaken every morning, I start off just writing whatever comes into my head, the entire contents of which are normally sufficient to fill one single page. I’m serious, that’s all my thoughts. And it’s prose, it’s not like I’m doing a list or anything, just one single page.

Right after that I’m onto goals and gratitude, and that’s the important bit: every morning I rephrase and rewrite my goals, doing them in different orders and in different ways. Sometimes I’ll do a simple list, sometimes I’ll prose them, sometimes it’s a letter to myself or a future journal entry or a day in the life. Either way, this keeps me thinking, keeps me away from ritual and ensures that the goals stay fresh in my mind. I’ve found it helps to keep me away from ritualistic thinking, because in my experience it devalues the goals and the affirmations, but that’s just me – it might not be the same for you.

I encourage you all to start. Like GTD, it’s a great way to get mental clarity on things.

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