A warning: Backpedalling

This is a bit of a warning to you folks concerning something I’ve had issues with and am wrestling with right now. I use Steve Pavlina’s 30 day trial approach for forming new habits, and it works like a doozy, but something I found the other day is that it’s very, very easy to backpedal into an old pattern, especially if it’s particularly enforced.

For example. Ever since I’ve been a kid, I’ve lazed in bed and slept in for as long as I could. I don’t have particularly vivid dreams or anything, it’s just natural bone-idleness. I’ve shaken off the bone-idleness and subsequently installed the habit of getting up at 7am every morning, rather successfully as well.

But recently, I got a bunch of essays in at college and felt like relaxing, so I took a day off from this and sat in bed for the morning. The next day I had nothing urgent on and did the same thing. And the next day. Now I’m rasslin’ again, and trying to get back into the old habit slowly, and ease back – I was up at 10am this morning, which is better than yesterday. I’m aiming for 9 the next day, 8 the following day, and so on and so forth until I can get back to seven.

Incidentally, this isn’t time spent sleeping. Much of it is, but a lot of it is sitting in bed with my laptop (curse you convenience of wireless internet!), reading email and RSS feeds. That’s something I’d probably end up doing anyway, but the morning is my key productivity and thinkin’ time, and I’d rather not waste it on reading about what Neil Gaiman is doing for the christmas holidays. I swear, sometimes I’m like this incredibly lazy cyber-stalker.

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