Find the right time to work for you

I had a big essay due in on Friday (2,500 words on Phenomenology in Archaeology), and I managed to get it in on time… just. But it was a stressful time for me, and I want to talk to you guys about what I’ve learned from the experience.

In looking at the weeks work, I notice one important factor – I was at my best and most motivated in the morning, normally around 9am-11am. I noticed this earlier, but that knowledge didn’t sink in, and when I meant to work in the afternoon after time at university, I found myself playing Halo instead, despite my best intentions. I got about 200 words done that day when I had wanted to do at least 500.

So, I implore you dear readers, all of you: look at your energy levels throughout the day, grade your energy levels, say – then schedule your most challenging projects for that time.

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