Why become more organized?

I’m not going to lie to you: I struggle with this stuff, and I always have. In primary school I was always the kind going around asking to borrow a spare pen or pencil or ruler or something off the (noticeably more organized) kids. I’d always forget my school books that had my homework in (more often than not, genuinely forgot after having actually done the work). Workloads always seemed so heavy and I was in a constant state of stress.

Then, after struggling for years through academia an eventually managing to get into University by the skin of my teeth, I found websites like Lifehacker and 43folders – sites that had cool little tips to help make life easier. Through them I found my way to David Allen’s GTD. I applied GTD over a summer and just from putting it together and following the basics of The System, I went from a C average to a B average in university, and I’m getting better all the damn time. Now workloads don’t seem so harsh because I have them on paper, and because I’m able to work out my essays in good time I’m producing much, much better work.

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