Choke Points

I noticed something today in my writing as a common habit: I’ll sometimes reconsider writing as opposed to doing something else (i.e. procrastination – curse you, Doom Legacy!) – but that this always happens at a specific number of words: I tend to choke at two-fifty to three hundred words, then again at a thousand, then again at two thousand.

It’s a weakness of mine, and something I need to work around – though really the only option is to insert butt in chair and keep hammering away at the keyboard until I’m past the choke point. What I’m going to try now is that, on off days, I’ll aim for five hundred words, because in all my previous attempts, I have never managed to write something comfortably in exactly five hundred words – my scenes always tend to be either 2-300 words or a full thousand.

Had a minor block earlier this week and last week, methinks because I’ve hit the middle of the book (see the word count, yay!) – it’s the hump of the bell curve if you like, still setting everything up for the finale but it’s not quite done, and a part of me is getting tired (as I know what’s going to happen and I just want to get to it).

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