So the main reason I haven’t been blogging has been due to some sort of backend glitch I’ve been having with my wordpress distro here – I couldn’t edit or add posts for whatever reason. Due to general procrastination I never really followed up.

But then I heard about how old wordpress versions were under attack, and resolved to tear down all three main blogs here (Daily Flash Fiction and LifeLacking being the other two). So now they’re working and I can blog again, and I will. So.


I’m currently about halfway through editing Magocracy into some sort of half-decent shape, after adding some more stuff earlier in the year. I’m currently 57,123 words into the 84,381 word first draft, which may get expanded again if I think it needs it. So that’s a little more than halfway after all.
57123 of 84381

I’ve also completely finished the first draft of Giant Robots Punching Each Other, or Apostate, or whatever I finally decide to call it. Going to let it sit until I’m closer to done with Magocracy.

I’m also working through the outlining/pre-draft stage for another novel, which will be a psuedo-sequel to Titanomachy (a full on sequel would be more or less unpublishable, but in this case the only character I’m taking over is the world itself). For this I’m using Mike Stackpole’s 21 Days to a Novel ebook/podcast lecture series (here’s the ebook version, it’s well worth it at $20). I always find the processes of other writers incredibly interesting, and I like playing around with workflows.

So there you have it. I have a stupid number of plates spinning in the air, and I’m trying to instigate more bloggery at the same time. To quote a childhood icon of mine, Arggh.

Assorted stuff and nonsense

I read Robert McKee’s book Story very recently, and have been playing around with the stuff he talks about. It’s a very mechanistic view of writing and the nature of story, and it’s primarily aimed at script writers, causing the prose novelist in me to scoff and say that’s fine for a screenplay because it’s a mechanistic art, versus the more artsy fartsy internal nature of prose.

Which of course is utter bollocks. But still, his view of the importance of outlining and setting up value charges in each scene robs the art of romance for me, so historically I’ve resisted it and gone for the method Stephen King outlines in On Writing – look at it as though you were a paleontologist unearthing a dinosaur, you dig in and find the spirit of the story. These two forces in my head battle constantly, my left brain wanting the clarity of an outline and my right brain wanting the spirit and romance of the more adventurous seat-of-the-pants approach.

So I’ve settled on more of a hybrid approach with the latest story. It’s to be a sequel to Kidnap over Dyra!, but this time I’ve written it straight as I did with Kidnap, before breaking the first draft down into scenes on 3×5 cards, throwing some scenes out and dropping others in, and eventually winding up with a full outline running to about a thousand words – the story itself will probably run at around four and a half thousand, and the thing will end up on Lulu just like Kidnap.

On Lulu, but not only there. I’m going to do a full rebrand of Daily Flash Fiction, primarily because it’s an awful name that sets up all kinds of false expectations in readers (specifically that it’ll be daily). I still don’t know what to call it, and the old domain will still go there, but instead it’ll be a base for serial fiction as well, sort of like Mike Stackpole’s serial fiction experiments. And the old Flash fiction will stay up there as well, possibly with an explanation.

On not-writingy-stuff news, I’m learning PHP in the hopes of being able to get a better day job, and I’ll probably play around with category-specific templates to separate the stuff in more of a clean manner.

New stuffs

Right, I got a lot done on the new novel today, as you can see in the bottom right, or right here. It’s bubbling away quite comfortably, although there are a few bits in the later half which I’m as yet uncertain as to how they’re going to work.

14,334 out of 100,000. Yay!Also, I made a new page called Bibliography, which contains links to all of my books to date and where to buy them. Admittedly there’s only one at the moment, and that’s a very short lulu collection of short fiction, but soon it will be joined by a short lulu collection of very short fiction! Hurray!

And by soon I mean after I’ve written March of the Titans and finished editing a short story.

Which probably won’t actually be very soon at all.