Blast. Update time.

Gone over to the Writertopia progress meter images for the time being – easier than bothering with the whole screencapping Scrivener -> post to blog thing. This is because I’ve recently started a second job, and as such have been too busy to even get much writing done, let alone writing followed by maeking poast.

Another problem is that I’ve been writing more and more on the Alphasmart Neo, which is an incredible tool, but often means I’m away from my computer when I’ve finished writing, making it difficult to track my word counts on the (frequent) occasions when I forget.

I’ve been attempting to use Parkinson’s Law to fit more writing in, but procrastination is proving an eternal problem.

The Real Problem

The one thing that underlies all of these issues, I think, is that I’m getting towards the end of the book – the final act, the big climax, the hissatsu. This is a problem because I like my characters, and in the end I don’t want to let them go. There’s always potential for sequels or expansion, but I know that in the end none of these characters are going to be the same by the end of the book, and I’ll never have a chance to write them again.

I had the same problem when writing the drafts of my last novel, Titanomachy (which I’ll probably end up title Rise of the Titans if it ever gets out of editing hell) – the second half is always torture up until a point near the middle of the last act. Last time I did the final eighth of the book in about a day, which I anticipate will happen this time as well. I’ll probably just have to take a few days off to get this damn monkey off my back.

Changes are Afoot. Going to start doing some serial fiction, since I think I’ve burned myself out on flash fiction.

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